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New software aims to deliver personal touch to online booking

11/30/2012| 10:41:08 AM| 中文

OTAs or suppliers’ sites are appealing to consumers’ emotions with inspirational tools such as Travel Seeker HD and Featured Results, both offered by Amadeus, and Vayant’s FastSearch.

Until now, a key quality differentiating the traditional travel agent and the online travel agency (OTA) has been high-touch personalization. Traditional agents have it. OTAs not so much. But a new generation of travel software is about to change that equation.

OTAs are beginning to move from the “rational” booking tools on which they were built — those two-dimensional grids of dates, city pairs and fares — to “inspirational” tools that open with maps of the world and evocative images, trip themes and interactive features designed to appeal to the emotions and create a highly personalized purchasing experience.

In short, said Henry Harteveldt, chief research officer and co-founder of the Atmosphere Research Group, OTAs are venturing into a high-touch area where traditional travel agents have excelled by adding value through conversation and personal contact.

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