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Win big in the distribution landscape

09/12/2012| 8:42:50 AM| 中文

The author provides ideas for hotels about how to work new channels, like mobile, search and social, into overall revenue strategy.

Imagine a very fit athlete running down the track. Legs burning, breathless, tired, with a strong competitor at his or her heels, jumping every hurdle that appears, fighting the urge to slow down, but not giving in because he or she wants to win. Somewhere within, the athlete digs deeper and finds the energy to push through to the finish line first. 

As hotel revenue managers, we must strive to be fit distribution athletes—understanding and optimizing the landscape, including digging deeper into the mobile, search and social models that have become part of it. Revenue managers know the roles of mobile, search and social in distribution. But how can we better work with and through these channels and increase conversions? And above all, how can we manage these distribution channels in the most efficient way, jumping every distribution hurdle and making that win or booking over our competitors? 

In the recent article from HSMAI’s Revenue Management Advisory Board, “The Ever Evolving Distribution Landscape – A Focus on Emerging Channels,” Chris Anderson and Jay Hubbs introduced us to several new companies in each of four relatively new distribution categories: search, mobile, discounted target and social channels. This article will take a closer look at three of those models that seem to be changing every day in terms of how they are perceived by both consumers and suppliers—mobile, search and social—with a focus on ideas for how to work these channels into your overall revenue strategy.

Read full story at: http://www.hotelnewsnow.com/articles.aspx/8844/Win-big-in-the-distribution-landscape

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