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Guest Post: Searching times for the online travel industry

08/23/2012| 12:22:21 PM| 中文

Semantic search will help drive conversion and revolutionise the way users actually search for their travel needs.

Search is currently a hot topic across the online travel bookings sector. With new applications appearing on the market on a regular basis, Carsten Kraus, chief executive of FACT-Finder Travel, looks at where the real game changing technologies are in this market 

With standard conversion rates for online travel bookers languishing at just 0.5% – around four times less than “traditional” ecommerce – it’s hardly surprising that travel search has become the subject of considerable industry focus and much technological development. Making travel search not only easier but also more relevant is one of the key areas that will help travel e-shops to ultimately sell more. 

Until now, anybody wishing to book a holiday online was more often than not faced with filling out complicated search forms. This meant that individual wishes and requirements could only be vaguely specified and most results were not really relevant to what was actually being searched for.

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