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Smart Hotelier’s 2012 Top Ten Digital Marketing Resolutions[Part 2 of 2]

03/01/2012| 1:13:18 AM| 中文

The 2012 Top Ten New Year’s Digital Marketing Strategy Resolutions, presented by HeBS Digital for the 12th consecutive year, provides guidance on what hoteliers should do to succeed in the year ahead.

6. I will rise to the challenge imposed by the recent Google Panda and ‘Freshness’ updates!


Today’s hotel website must adhere to very high expectations from not only website visitors but also the search engines. In a typical year Google makes more than 500 updates to its search algorithm. 2011 saw two major updates: the Google Panda Update (now in version 2.5) and the Google “Freshness” updates, which made most hotel websites obsolete by introducing very strict requirements for content, interactivity, and page download speeds. The Panda update requires websites to have engaging and unique website content (as opposed to bland, old and tired content and in addition to the existing requirement for deep and relevant content) that increases the site’s “stickiness”. The recent Google “Freshness” update requires that hotel websites maintain fresh and new content to rank high in the search engines.

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