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Are Facebook and Travel a Good Match?

10/26/2011| 9:21:59 AM| 中文

Travel brands have a long way to go to realise Facebook’s full potential and so far there’s no clear winner, according to Compete.

Facebook recently announced major but controversial changes aimed at increasing stickiness to maximise ad revenues.

Effects of these changes were immediate. Growth in unique visitors (UVs) (blue line) slowed as the influx of new visitors barely offset those “breaking up” with Facebook. Page views dropped 30 percent m-o-m (green line). Other KPIs such as Visits, Average Stay, Visits/Person and Pages/Visit also declined (not shown). The impacts may be short-lived as consumers adjust and, even with slower growth, Facebook still boasts over 800 million members worldwide, so its potential to reach vast numbers of internet users remains huge. 

Today, travel brands use Facebook to drive brand awareness and audience engagement and ultimately increase visits and bookings on their sites. That’s evolving as some brands encourage visitors to book directly via their Facebook brand pages.

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