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Price, location and reviews drive hotel selection process

10/22/2010| 4:01:35 PM| 中文

According to a new study by Epsilon, recommendations and property reviews heavily influence travelers' decisions about which hotels to stay in - even if they have previously stayed in the hotel - and email remains the channel of choice for communications.

Findings from the study describe opportunities for hotel marketers to engage undecided consumers, leverage loyalty programs and communicate effectively with customers and prospects.

The survey of over 400 consumers who recently booked a hotel analyzed the experience throughout the selection process. A cross-section of a larger Epsilon survey of 1500 US consumers, the study was part of a comprehensive listening exercise designed to explore the current state of Customer Experience Marketing, an approach to deliver relevant interactions that anticipate and respond to the many ways consumers want to engage, shop and buy today. The study gathered data across multiple product categories including televisions, computers, hotels, auto insurance, mobile devices, communication services and credit cards.

Read the full story at http://www.hotelmarketing.com/index.php/content/article/price_location_and_reviews_drive_hotel_selection_process/

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