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Stay off the computer-7 trips you should never book online

12/25/2009| 10:30:34 AM| 中文

A recent Forrester Research study suggests there’s something of a backlash when it comes to booking travel online. Some vacations should never be booked through anyone but a travel agent.

Carolyn Fletcher’s honeymoon started heading south the moment she and her husband landed in Cancun. No one was there to pick up the newlyweds.

It took an hour for her to convince a van service to deliver them to their hotel. But when they checked into their four-star resort in Akumal, they discovered it was a “a two-star, at best,” she remembers.

“The grounds were unkempt and there was trash everywhere,” she said. “Our room smelled of mildew. I sat down on the bed to cry, only to find the sheets and mattress wet from the moisture and mildew. There was mold growing on the curtains, the walls and the furniture.”

Why am I telling you about Fletcher’s post-nuptial nightmare? Because she booked it online.

See the full story at http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/34509593/ns/travel-tips/

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