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Can travel agents be trusted?

09/18/2009| 8:50:49 AM| 中文

LONDON - One in four holidaymakers do not trust travel agents, according to an UK survey of over 2,000 consumers.

The research, commissioned by independent health and safety experts Check Safety First and carried out by Opinion Matters, found more than 25 percent of consumers who booked a holiday through a travel agent felt their trip didn’t accurately reflect the description in the brochure. 

 “If you think back to 15 years ago, the only way you could book a holiday was through your local travel agent, whose brochures and advice you had to trust,” said Steve Tate, chairman at Check Safety First. 

 “Now holidaymakers don’t need to rely solely on travel agents’ advice and can read honest, unbiased opinions from travellers who’ve recently visited the hotel.”

He said travel review websites look beyond the “gloss of the brochures”, which only cover resort facilities such as swimming pools and distance from the beach, and don’t grade the hotel’s customer service, ambience or hygiene standards. 

 “I would encourage people to research their holiday destination online before booking, but bear in mind that each traveller’s opinion will be based on a limited experience,” he added. 

 “Travel agents must be able to provide advice on the more subjective aspects of a holiday. Those who do this will remain successful as holidaymakers will return to ones they feel they can trust.”
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