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Shanghai boutique hotel selected as one of 10 top hotels in Asia

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Mar 26, 2009:Agoda.com released its list of the Top 10 Boutique Hotels in Asia Pacific for 2009. Jia Shanghai Hotel, Shanghai, China appears on the list.

Mar 26, 2009:Agoda.com, an online hotel reservations company, today released its list of the Top 10 Boutique Hotels in Asia Pacific for 2009. This is Agoda’s second annual review of increasingly popular boutique hotels. The selection criteria Agoda considers is based on customer scores, reviews, comments on personalized services, and the unique designs these smaller hotels employ.

Boutique hotels, often referred to as “design hotels,” are a growing trend in southeast Asia. For the purpose of the survey, Agoda defined a boutique hotel as a smaller (generally fewer than 200 rooms), personalized alternative to hotel groups and chains. The customer reviews were ranked in terms of the score they provided, with their comments regarding the “feel of the hotel” considered as additional criteria.

CEO Michael Kenny commented, “We’re seeing more and more boutique hotels with chic and unique designs. This year’s list included everything from retro themes to modern, minimalist designs. We used the same basic criteria as last year to define what constituted a boutique hotel. Moreover, we added customer review scores and comments provided about their experiences while staying at each hotel.”

“We found travelers to Asia preferred hotels which provided them with that “home away from home” feeling. That is why boutique hotels are becoming more and more popular. Customers want smaller and more distinct hotels with personalized service. It appears that the two largest demographics choosing boutique hotels tend to be couples and solo travelers. Both groups demand tailored service and comfortable stays,” Mr. Kenny added.

The star rating was also a consideration for Agoda’s list. Although, Agoda’s 2008 Boutique Hotels list emphasized personalized treatment and aesthetics, star ranking was not a consideration. However, most of the hotels nominated for 2009’s list had four- or five-star ratings. Despite being labeled as a boutique hotel, star ranking is still a consideration for popularity and tends to provide a base level of expectations for travelers.

Agoda’s Top 10 Boutique Hotels in Asia Pacific for 2009 are:

1. Trisara Hotel, Phuket, Thailand

2. The Scarlet Hotel, Singapore, Singapore

3. The Luxe Manor, Hong Kong

4. Dream Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

5. Kirketon Hotel, Sydney, Australia

6. The Screen Hotel, Kyoto, Japan

7. The Majestic, Malacca, Malaysia

8.Jia Shanghai Hotel, Shanghai, China

JIA’s second hotel is just as exciting as the first one it opened in Hong Kong and continues along Yenn Wong’s original concept for interesting, eclectic, and functional boutique hotels. Fashioned out of a 1920’s European building in the heart of Shanghai, the 55 chic, color-themed, award-winning rooms are bold, hip, and designed to delight both the business and leisure traveler. JIA means “home” in Mandarin, and the JIA Shanghai has succeeded in creating a home away from home in this Shanghai boutique… it’s just that this home is a far more fascinating destination.

9. The Elysian Boutique Villa Hotel, Bali, Indonesia

10. Amanjaya Pancam Hotel, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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