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Travelzen's 'Truly Hassle-free' Web Service Transforms China's Travel Industry

03/25/2009| 12:27:18 PM|

SHANGHAI, March 24 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Travelzen today announced the launch of a 'Truly Hassle-free' Travelzen.com website that will set new benchmarks in business and leisure travel in China.

SHANGHAI, March 24 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Travelzen today announced the launch of a ´Truly Hassle-free´ Travelzen.com website that will set new benchmarks in business and leisure travel in China. Guaranteeing both prices and availability, the new site will also eliminate the annoying last-minute increases in quoted prices that have long handicapped the development of China´s online travel industry.

The impressive result of 2 years´ intensive R&D, the new website will see Travelzen become the first travel provider in China to offer a genuinely world-class end-to-end online travel experience. Leveraging its ´Truly Hassle-free´ transaction model, Travelzen.com will free travelers from the outmoded ´find online, pay offline´ model still widely used by many Chinese travel agents. With its state-of-the-art technologies and strong global links, the new site represents the dawn of an exciting new era for airline passengers and hotel guests.

Until now, those purchasing flights or hotel rooms in China could never be 100% sure the prices they saw online were actually available because of shortcomings in existing technologies and business models. In guaranteeing both prices and availability, Travelzen.com means travelers will no longer have to suffer these annoying discrepancies.

Says Travelzen CEO Ted Sze: "Our ´Truly Hassle-free´ website´s powerful proprietary purchasing and reservation systems represent a new dimension in convenience for Chinese travelers. With just a few clicks of their mouse, customers can now complete their entire search and purchase process in just four simple steps. Best of all, those visiting our site can be 100% sure that the prices they see are the prices they will pay and include no hidden extras."

Travelzen.com incorporates sophisticated technologies that obtain up-to-the-second offers and prices from many leading airlines and hotels. This truly global purchasing platform then delivers the best possible prices and, most importantly of all, enables immediate online purchasing. Covering all domestic and international Chinese flights, plus over 5,000 hotels in 250 Mainland cities, the new site places Travelzen at the cutting edge of the global travel industry.

While China´s internet usage has expanded phenomenally, growth in the country´s online travel sector has remained sluggish. According to authoritative international research group, iResearch, China´s travel industry is now worth around RMB 900 billion annually. A mere RMB 850 million or just 0.1% of this total is generated online. Compared to online shares of 32% in the United States and 12% in Europe, this sector´s growth in China has vast potential.

"In bringing world-class online travel standards to China, Travelzen will not only raise the customer service bar but ultimately help transform the country´s entire travel industry," said Mr. Sze. "Empowered by our ´Truly Hassle-free´ business model, ultra-sophisticated technologies and a visionary management team, Travelzen is perfectly placed to benefit from the resultant expansion."

"Incorporating the most advanced technologies now available, Travelzen.com offers 24/7 streamlined customer service in both Chinese and English. This is a gigantic leap forward in terms of both purchasing efficiency and service quality. Our ´Truly Hassle-free´ promise is also echoed in the ´zen´ in our name. When visiting Travelzen.com, travelers will never again have to worry about unforeseen price increases, unavailability or unexpected hidden extras. Ultimately, everything we do underlines our commitment to giving customers better service," Mr. Sze added.

Travelzen was established in August 2007 as a joint venture enterprise that is headquartered in Hong Kong. In addition to leading Chinese airline ticketing agent, Shanghai Ever Bright Town Intl. Travel Agency Co., Ltd., its key backers include a respected international private equity group. While many companies are seeing their revenues fall because of the current financial crisis, Travelzen´s ´Truly Hassle-free´ operating model has made it one of the fastest growing players in the Internet industry. In just over eighteen months since first starting to develop its technologies, the company´s workforce has grown from 3 to over 200 employees. Travelzen will continue to set the pace in innovation within the Chinese travel industry by further expanding its range of domestic and international transportation, local tours and other travel products.

About Travelzen.com

Travelzen provides comprehensive business and leisure travel services worldwide and is committed to ensuring its customers can buy air tickets and hotel rooms at the best available online price. In redefining online travel convenience and customer service, Travelzen has pioneered a ´Truly Hassle-free´ business model.

Travelzen was established in August 2007 and is a joint venture between leading Chinese air ticketing agent, Shanghai Ever Bright Town Intl. Travel Agency Co., Ltd. and a reputable international private equity group. In addition to its Hong Kong headquarters, the company now operates offices in 7 major Chinese cities, including Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Dalian, Guangzhou and Zhuhai.

Travelzen is operated by an international management team made up of elite professionals with an average of 15 years´ specialist experience in various travel-related industries. To ensure its sustained success, the company has built close working partnerships with many world renowned local and foreign hotel chains, airlines, banks, credit card issuers, third-party online payment platforms and travel agents.

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