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Facebook study points to loyalty types in online travel

11/02/2016| 11:45:47 AM| 中文

Facebook found that 77% of people will return to the same brands again, with 37% of them being “brand loyalists”.

Consumers inevitably have different feelings about brands and how likely they are to use and re-use a particular service – but is loyalty diluted because of the web?

Some marketing gurus have suggested that brand loyalty is dead, or pretty close to being something from a bygone age.

Those pesky millennials are apparently to blame, inevitably, plus constant connectivity to the web has given consumers more choice – thus making it harder to create loyalty.

The tourism sector, in particular, is supposedly under huge pressure to create loyalty due to leisure travel not being a frequent purchase and price (rather than value) driving decisions.

Perhaps so, but Facebook has spent some time this year trying to fathom out how far (or not) the loyalty-is-dead argument goes.

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