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Asiatravel.com brings travel wholesale business into China

08/30/2016| 2:38:46 PM|

The leisure travel wholesale arm of Asiatravel.com, TAcentre.com, has made its first foray into China. The Chinese platformTAcenter.cn carries over 500 airlines, 200,000 hotels and a multitude of packages.

The leisure travel wholesale arm of Asiatravel.comTAcentre.com, has made its first foray into China.

It has already begun operations in the country with four local offices – one each in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chengdu – and will officially kick-off at a launch event in Beijing on September 6 followed by a roadshow in Shanghai on September 8.

TAcentre.com, which has been in operation in South-east Asia since October 2012, will be known in China under the localised brand 汇订网, which roughly translates into “integrated web platform”.

Agents can access the Chinese platform via TAcenter.cn, which carries the same inventory as the international site of over 500 airlines, 200,000 hotels, and a multitude of activities, packages and car rentals worldwide. The company will also be leveraging its Asia and Middle East networks to offer procurement and destination management services to larger travel companies in China.

There are still many offline agents that serve the company's own local community. 汇订网 is focused on reaching out to these traditional agents at the same time.

Concurrently, the company is launching TAcentre Exclusives, a selection of independent hotels that will be given greater prominence on the platform via a separate product tab. Independent hotels that appoint TAcentre.com as their exclusive distributor will be put on this list and be featured regularly in their marketing communication initiatives.

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